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904 PowderWorx is different from many other Jacksonville Powder Coating companies. We are a family-owned business that puts the customer first. Many companies try to increase their profits by trying to do too many things. We are more interested in doing a few things, but doing them very well. Our customers appreciate us for that. That is why we focus specifically on powder coating rims, frames, and parts; we also offer sandblasting services. Those are our four areas of expertise, and by limiting the type of what that we do we are able to better serve our customers. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal here at 904 PowderWorx.-


Bring your rims to life. Nothing puts the finishing touch on a car like an eye catching set of powder coated wheel rims. Powder coating make your rims look sharp, and protects your investment.


Give your bike or motorcylce a brand new look with a fresh powder coated frame. From BMX to Harley, we specialize in custom powdercoating of all kinds of frames and components at affordable prices


Powder coated parts are more resistant to chipping, scratching, and fading. If you want protection that is superior to painting, then a fresh coat of powder is the way to go.

Sand Blasting

If you’re looking to have any surfaces prepped or restored there is a better way than having it done using sandpaper or steel wool by hand. Sandblasting will achieve much better results.

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