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If you ever are hunting for Powder Coating service in Fleming Island, Fl then 904 PowderWorx is available to assist. We have the expertise and the know how for getting the work done correctly. Our company is dedicated to customer service, and your satisfaction is our number one aim.

What is Powder Coating?

The powder coating approach entails using the electrostatic method or compressed air to apply a powder material. Once the powder substance has been added it is then heated up to its melting point. The hardening process results in a consistent coating which, once dried, delivers a tough, durable finish that is resilient to scratches, cracking, peeling and most importantly rust.

Just what is entailed in the Powder Coating Method?

In addition to the application of powder as explained previously, the process includes substantial amount of prep work. The exterior has to be cleaned thoroughly to be sure it is free of any oils, rust, dirt, etc. Then it must be dried completely before the powder is applied. The curing process takes place in oven, generally around 400 degrees F, for somewhere around 20 minutes.

Exactly what are the Added Benefits of Powder Coating?

  • Durability & Quality
    Saves Money
    Environmentally Friendly

Durability & Quality – Unlike with paint, using powder coating you do not have to stress about runs, drips, bubbles, or sags. It produces premier consistency which has made it the exterior of choice for a plethora of consumer goods. Powder coating also has countless performance properties that make it a preferred choice over liquid paints. The technique of powder coating parts reduces the chance of marring during upkeep and common service use. It also enhances their impact and corrosion resistance.

Saves Money – You may not believe it, but powder coating is really very easy on the pocket in contrast to liquid paint. It provides remarkable energy financial savings as well as potential rework costs, labor costs, material cost, and labor costs. It is overall a significantly more efficient method that leads to more savings and a superior quality finish.

Environmentally Friendly – Although this might not be number one on your own list of advantages environmental factors affect us all. Liquid paint are infamously harmful for the environment. Powder coating is generally in compliance with all environmental regulations. Liquid paints worsen air pollution and in some situations ozone depletion due to the solvents they incorporate. Providing powder coatings have been properly produced they create no such hazardous waste in any way.

For these reason and countless other this is why Powder Coating is a superior choice to liquid paint. You can feel very good about your decision to get your parts, rims, or frames powder coated. You will save a lot of money, protect the planet, and receive a brilliant finish.

904 PowderWorx is here for all your Powder Coating needs in Fleming Island, Fl and the neighboring Jacksonville area. Your satisfaction is our primary goal, and we shall do anything that it requires to get the job done. We only use top-quality All Powder Paints, which can be found in over 1,000 colors and finishes. Consider refinishing your rims, wheels, automotive and motorcycle parts in custom colors that last forever! Before painting contact us for your quote today.

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