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If you are looking for Powder Coating service in Jacksonville, Fl then 904 PowderWorx is here to help. We have the knowledge and the know how to get the job done right. We are dedicated to customer service, and your satisfaction is our number one goal.

What is Powder Coating?

The powder coating process involves using the compressed air or electrostatic method to apply a powder material. Once the powder material has been applied it is then heated to its melting point. The curing process results in a smooth film which, once dry, produces a tough, durable finish that is resistant to cracking, peeling, scratches and more importantly rust.

What is involved in the Powder Coating Process?

Aside from the application of powder as described above, the process involves significant amount of preparation. The surface has to be cleaned meticulously to be sure it is free of any oils, rust, dirt, etc. Then it must be dried completely before the powder is applied. The curing process takes place in oven, generally around 400 degrees F, for approximately 20 minutes.

What are the Advantages of Powder Coating?

  • Durability & Quality
    Saves Money
    Environmentally Friendly

Durability & Quality – Unlike with paint, with powder coating you never have to worry about bubbles, sags, runs, or drips. It provides superior consistency which has made it the finish of choice for a multitude of consumer goods. Powder coating also has many performance properties that make it a preferred choice over liquid paints. The practice of powder coating parts reduces the chance of marring during maintenance and normal service use. It also increases their impact and corrosion resistance.

Saves Money – You might not think so, but powder coating is actually quite economical when compared to liquid paint. It offers tremendous energy savings as well as labor costs, material cost, waste disposal, and potential rework costs. It is overall a much more efficient process that leads to more savings and a superior quality finish.

Environmentally Friendly – While this may not be at the top of your personal list of importance environmental issues affect us all. Liquid paint are notoriously bad for the environment. Powder coating is generally in compliance with all environmental regulations. Liquid paints contribute to air pollution and in some cases ozone depletion because of the solvents they contain. As long as powder coatings have been properly formulated they generate no such hazardous waste whatsoever.

For these reason and many more this is why Powder Coating is a superior choice to liquid paint. You can feel good about your choice to get your rims, frames, or parts powder coated. You will save a few dollars, protect the environment, and receive a superior finish.

904 PowderWorx is here for all your Powder Coating needs in Jacksonville, Fl and the surrounding area. Your satisfaction is our primary goal, and we will do whatever it takes to get the job done. We only use superior All Powder Paints, which comes in over 1,000 colors and finishes. Consider refinishing your rims, wheels, automotive and motorcycle parts in custom colors that last forever! Before painting contact us for your quote today.

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